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With more than 75 millions, Egypt's population is the largest in the Arab world, & is generally young, with 35 percent below age 14 and just 4 percent older than 65 .. More..


AIA Rigging System:


AIA Stage Curtain Manufacturing

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Motorized Winch Systems

AiA also manufactures a complete line of winches and controls designed for years of dependable service and safety. From the basic push button, up-down systems to the most advanced variable speed vector drive closed loop systems Aia is a full service manufacturing company featuring industrial rated components for dependability, durability and safety.

Aia starts with solid, dependable, matched motor/gearbox combination and adds only the highest quality solid shafting. Winch drums are meticulously machined to the highest standards.

Drum Winches

(Multi-line drum)

Drum winches contain one drum with all the lift lines located on it. These lift lines then route up to a staggered multi-sheave head block across to individual loft blocks and then down to the pipe batten. Drum winches lift the entire load of the line set, no counterweight is needed. Drum winches can be controlled by a push button control systems.

Line Shaft Winches

Line shaft winches have a single motor connected to a series of drums. The drums are connected via solid shafting and shaft couplers and supported with flange bearings on mounting plates. Line shaft winches are located centrally above the line set with the lift lines dropping.

Scissors lift Platform

5-fold-adjustable multi-purpose scissors lift platform. Aluminium top frame, scissors lift construction, square hollow section steel legs, plastic-coated. Stands very securely and gives optimum floor protection (especially for sensitive hall and sport hall floors) through large, swivelling load distributors. Height adjustment either through manual releasing rail mechanism underneath the platform or a hand lever at the head of the platform.


AIA Truss 40:


Truss 40 series

the 40-series is eminently suitable for heavy-duty applications. Spans of up to 18 m may be made. The trusses from this series are mainly used to construct stages and for heavy permanent structures.


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